Turnkey Design and Construction Services

We are your all in one shop for design and building of radio stations whether it is a totally new Radio station, transmitter, tower, or studio we have you covered. We will help you make the decision on what to build and take everything from there.

Paul Easter: Fort bend Broadcasting

When it comes to the transmitter our Studio we can handle everything in house. Our technicians have personally overseen and built countless Transmitters and Studios. Paul is known throughout the industry for his unique ability to work on and tweak transmitters. When it comes to getting a transmitter working right Paul can do it no matter what the make or model is.

Their studio work is also excellent. Paul has been responsible for building studios for nationally syndicated radio programs whose cost exceed 1 million dollars. As far as towers are concerned we do Paul does not do the build towers hisself but has overseen many tower installations and repairs and knows who the best in the business are and who to hire based on the type of job being performed. Once the tower is up Paul will have it working great in no time. So please consider us for all your radio construction needs.